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Welcome to the HELP section of

Here you will find the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about using the site. Every time someone asks our team a question we add the answer here so please browse through before contacting us.

Membership Services

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uLearn allows each of the Home Country Athletics Associations (England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Welsh Athletics and Athletics NI) to advertise and take bookings for Qualifications and CPD events.

To ensure you get the best service please contact the organisation who is running the course or event you are trying to book. Each qualification will say who is the organising Home Country on its information page. Simply look for the 'banner' regarding the organisation running the course or event.

For issues related to recovering your username and password please contact the organisation in the country you are living in:

England Athletics

Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2BE

Tel: 0121 347 6543



Cardiff International Sports Stadium Leckwith Road Cardiff CF11 8AZ

Tel: 02920 644 870

Fax: 02920 342 687


Northern Ireland

Athletics House, Old Coach Road Belfast BT9 5PR

Tel: 028 9060 2707

Fax: 028 9030 9939



Caledonia House Redheughs Rigg South Gyle Edinburgh EH12 9DQ

Tel: 0131 539 7320

Fax: 0131 531 7321


Company no: SC217377

British Athletics

Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2BE

Tel: 07872 161406



Username and Password

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How do I find my username?

Your username is your Unique Reference Number (URN), which is the same as your coach license number printed on your license in 99% of cases.

If you do not know your URN you can also find it by following the instructions on the 'forgotten username' button when logging in. If the data in our National Athletics Database is not up to date then you may have problems recovering your username with this method. In this case please call the appropriate organisation (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales) listed above and they can update this information over the phone.

How do I find my Password?

In order to reset your password you must have access to the email address registered on the National Athletics Database. This is the email address that you supplied when you last took a coaching qualification. To get this email address updated to a more current address please call the appropriate organisation above and ask them to do this for you.

If you have forgotten your password - please press the 'Forgot password' button. This will prompt you to enter your URN. If you do not know your URN, please read the above help section. Once you have entered your URN, your password will be emailed to you, to the email address that is registered to you on the National Athletics Database.

The video below shows how to do this:

More info

This video is also available on our YouTube channel HERE.

I already have a Coaches license - Do I have a log in?

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Yes you do. Every coach who has taken a qualification will have a URN. Your user name is simply this URN which is printed on your Coaches License.

Once you have your user name, you can follow the steps to reset your password. If you can't find your URN, or you have changed your email address since you took your coaches qualification, please contact the home country that you live in.

What is the difference between uLearn and uCoach?

Back to Top (uLearn) is a website for booking onto qualifications and CPD events whereas has been set up as an online coaching resource to support your coach development. All resources that you will need for your coaching qualifications can be found on uLearn.

How do I use the decision tree?

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The Decision Tree will help you decide which Leadership or Qualification to take.

To access the tree - simply click here and begin by choosing which of the qualifications from the list represent the latest qualification that you have.

You must then follow the questions through until it provides you with the correct next qualification that is suitable for you.

For more help - simply watch this video here:

How do I book on to and pay for a qualification?

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To book onto a qualification, simply click on the Qualifications Tab. If you already know which qualification you are looking to book onto - please select it from the list on the right hand side. If you are unsure, please use either the decision tree, or the resources in the qualifications boxes.

You will then need to enter your postcode and dates of the course if relevant and click search. This will bring up the list of available course. Please select one from the list and click 'Book Now'. Check your details are correct and read and agree to the terms and conditions. Once you press continue, you will be booked onto the course

For more help, please watch this video:

How do I book onto a CPD event?

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To Book onto a CPD event, simply click the CPD event tab at the top of the page or click here. Find the relevant CPD event and click 'more details' on the red box next to the event name. Finally, click the book now tab and if you are not already logged in, you must log in now. If you are not currently a member of uLearn, you must register now. Confirm your details are correct, agree to the terms and conditions and click continue. You will then be booked onto the relevant CPD event.

For more help, please watch this video:


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The following video explains how to book onto the LiRF course:

This video is also available on the uLearn YouTube channel.

A step-by-step users guide is also available in PDF format:

uLearn LiRF How To Book V3.0 (PDF File, 572KB)

Coaching Assistant

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The process for booking onto a Coaching Assistant course is EXACTLY the same as for booking onto a LiRF course. The following video explains how to book onto the LiRF course. Please duplicate the steps but select COACHING ASSISTANT rather than LiRF at the appropriate steps.

This video is available on the uLearn YouTube channel.

A step-by-step users guide is also available in PDF format. Remember to select COACHING ASSISTANT rather than LiRF when you select your course:

uLearn LiRF How To Book V3.0 (PDF File, 572KB)

How Do I Book onto the Anti-Doping Awareness Online Course?

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If you wish to book onto the Anti-Doping Awareness Online Course, please follow the instructions in the help video, below:

I can't play any of the videos?

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If you are unable to play any of the videos, you may not have the correct software downloaded on your computer.

You will therefore need to download a multimedia player that will play videos in all formats. We recommend downloading VLC player.

To download VLC player, please click the link below:


Once on the website, click on the button 'download VLC' as seen in the picture below:

You will then need to follow the instructions on your screen to download the player. Please be aware that any problems encountered downloading or using VLC player must be directed to VLC themselves, not British Athletics.

You can contact VLC Support by clicking on this link:

I'm having problems playing videos on the site?

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Only some of the videos on this site seem to work, is there a problem with my computer?

This could be due to one of two reasons, either you are using a iOS device or you do not have Flash Player installed.

  1. Are you trying to view the site via an iPhone or iPad? iOS do not support the industry standard Flash Player and so you cannot view some of the older videos on this site. This is a deliberate strategic choice by Apple, you can read more about why here. If you want to browse Flash content on iOS there are products available such as the Puffin browser but these are not supported or endorsed by uCoach.

  2. Please download Adobe Flash Player here. Once this is installed you should be able to view the videos.

Only part of the video will load? The video stops playing at XX:XX:XX and I cannot watch past this point?

This is not an issue with your browsers cache. The 'cache' is used to save data from a website so you don't have to reload the page completely every time you visit it - speeding up your online experience. However, occasionally your cache only saves part of a video. Now every time you go back to that page it appears as though only part of the video will play.

To correct this issue try:

Refresh your browser screen. Clear your browsers cache. This is described for all browsers here:'s-Cache

If neither of these solutions work please report the issue using the contact us form and we will check that there isn't a problem with the original video.

How do I navigate the site to learn about each of the qualifications?

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uLearn provides information about all of the qualifications on offer. To find out more information about each of the qualifications - click here. This page explains about the coach development pathway and the difference between On track and Off track qualifications. From here, you can navigate through to all the different qualifications within each route.

For more help, please watch this video:

I'm already doing a qualification - how do i find out about all the pre and post course resources?

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uLearn has all the relevant Pre, Post and On course resources that you will need to assist you. To find all the information, simply click here and click on the relevant qualification that you are looking for.

For more help, please watch this video:

England Athletics Club Discounts

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If you coach at a club affiliated to England Athletics then you are entitled to a 'Club Discount' off certain coaching qualifications.

To enable your club discount at checkout look for the 'Club Discount' box.

Can I find videos on this site elsewhere?

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Many of the most important videos on this site are also backed up on the Youtube Channel HERE. Simply go to this channel and browse through to find them.

What are Vouchers and How do I Buy Them

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The voucher system allows clubs, schools and charities to pay on behalf of a candidate. The process is as follows:

  1. The club buys a voucher equal to the value of the qualification or CPD event by either card or invoice.
  2. If the club is authorised to purchase vouchers on credit, the voucher code will be released straight away. Otherwise, the code will be released once payment is received.
  3. The club provides this code to the coach.
  4. The coach books onto the CPD event or qualification using the voucher code to reduce the cost by the value of the code.

For a club to purchase a voucher they need to:

  1. Know which organisation (England Athletics, Welsh Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics NI or British Athletics) is running the CPD event or qualification
  2. Complete the Voucher Request Form for the relevant organisation. The England Athletics and British Athletics forms are below. Please contact Welsh Athletics or Athletics NI directly to request vouchers from them.
  3. The total cost of they wish to cover. If the cost of the qualification or CPD event exceeds the face value of the voucher the coach will need to pay the remainder by card.

The following video explains how a club, school or charity can purchase a voucher by invoice:

A step-by-step guide to the voucher purchasing process is available below:

uLearn Vouchers HOW TO guide V4.1 (PDF File, 526KB)

The England Athletics Voucher Request document is available below in Word format:

uLearn EA Voucher Access Request (DOCX File, 101KB)

How to redeem vouchers

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To redeem a voucher look for the "REDEEM VOUCHER" box during Step 1 (Your Details) of the check out process. It is at the bottom right hand side of the screen below the course or event details. An image of this box can be seen below:

Having found the redeem box:

  1. Enter the voucher code you have been given
  2. Click the GREY apply button
  3. The total value of the basket will decrease by the value of the voucher
  4. If there is anything left to pay you will be asked to enter your card details later in the payment process.