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The Event Group Jumps, Endurance, Throws and Sprints & Hurdles Online courses can be booked by calling 07872 161 406. You can find more information about our Event Group courses here.

If you have any problems booking onto courses please contact the LEARN team on 07872 161 406 or

Please note - the LEARN team administrate uLearn and uCoach. If you have any queries on course content or licensing, please contact your relevant Home Country organisation.

Coaching & Leadership Qualifications

Coaching & Leadership Qualifications provide a structured syllabus of study regarding fundamental Athletics coaching principles. They ensure qualified individuals meet basic safety & competence criteria.

Qualifications Starting Soon

Risk Awareness Official None Undefined Details
Sight Loss Awareness and Guide Running Coaching Performance Undefined Details
Leadership in Running Fitness Coaching Development Leader Details
Coaching Assistant Coaching Development Coaching Assistance Details
Event Group Sprints and Hurdles Integration Day Details
Event Group Throws Integration Day Details
Anti-Doping Awareness Online Details
Road Traffic Management Refresher Details
Event Group Endurance Integration Day Details
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Coach Development Events

Continuous Personal Development (CPD) events such as Conference, Workshops, Masterclasses and Mentoring Programmes complement Coaching Qualifications by allowing you to develop coaching & leadership expertise in a flexible & personalised way.

Upcoming CPD Events

Regional Coaching Workshop Street 18 Jan 2017 Details
Marathon Talk - Mara Yamauchi Chippenham 18 Jan 2017 Details
Preparing for a Spring Marathon with International Athlete Mara Yamauchi London 1 Feb 2017 Details
fuel your run Wiltshire 11 Feb 2017 Details
Physical Preparation - Olympic Lifting London 18 Feb 2017 Details